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Signing Up for a Volunteer Need on iServe

Discover Volunteer Needs on iServe

Find a variety of service and volunteer opportunities tailored to your specific needs and academic interests on iServe, West Virginia University's online volunteer database.

How to Sign-up for a Volunteer Need on iServe:

  1. Select 'Volunteer Needs'

    • Sign into iServe using you WVU email address.
    • On the iServe home screen, select VOLUNTEER NEEDS, located on the left-hand side of the dashboard.
    • A screenshot of the iServe dashboard home screen. The following text is included in the image: [3:03 PM] Sarah Toothman  DASHBOARD Welcome back, Sarah! Here's your volunteer snapshot for January. 23, 2024 CLOSE SNAPSHOT 1  VOLUNTEER NEEDS  HOURS BY INTERE

  2. Find the Right Volunteer Need for You


    • Age
    • Date
    • Distance
    • Impact Area
    • Teams (Group Volunteers)


    • Most Recent
    • Oldest
    • Alphabetically
    • Soonest First

    Multi-Level Searches

    You can search by multiple criteria. To do so, repeat the process of selecting a filter. Your search options will show up in a stacked list.​

    Specific Interest VOlunteer Needs

    To tailor iServe for your specific interests:

    • Click 'View Profile' under the dropdown in the right-hand corner of the home screen beside your initials.
    • Customize your account by adding INTERESTS and CAUSES that fit your needs.
    • Use the SORT BY tool on the VOLUNTEER NEEDS page.

  3. Select a Volunteer Need & Sign-up

    • Select VIEW DETAILS under the volunteer need that you'd like to learn more about.
      • Read the description, date, and location to confirm that you're both interested and available during that time.
      • If you like what you see, select SIGN-UP from the right-hand corner.
      • If there are shifts for the opportunity, the next page will have you select the shift and enter a contact number. If there is only one shift, you'll only enter a contact number and will not see a shift-selection section.
      • Include any pertinent information for the volunteer organization in this section as well as the best contact number to reach you if plans change.

  4. Need to Unregister?

    If you need to unregister, click on the green button, UNREGISTER, found on the volunteer needs description in the same location as the sign-up button.