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User Group Hour Tracking Guide

How to Track user group hours

Who should track hours in a 'User Group'?

Students currently enrolled in a service-learning designated course may be required to log volunteer hours on an iServe. At the beginning of each semester, instructors will share a user-group link with all students.

How to Log Hours with an iServe User Group:

  1. Navigating iServe

    • After signing into iServe using your email address, scroll to your initials in the top, right-hand corner of the screen. Select track hours in the toggle section.
    • A screenshot of the iserve toggle section
  2. Hour Tracking Form

    • Select + ADD HOURS, located under the 'VOLUNTEER HOURS' header. You will then be prompted to fill out information needed to verify your service hours.
      An image of the Track Hours volunteer section on the iServe screen.

  3. Completing Hour Verification Form

    Hour Type
    • If you signed up for the need on iServe, select YES. Use the toggle section to select the need associated with your volunteer hours. If you do not see the need you're logging hours for, go back and register for the need and it will appear.
    • If you did not sign up for a need and are logging hours on your own, select NO. Include the location of where you volunteered and the name/email of someone who can verify these hours from the organization. You cannot verify your own hours. Hours will be auto-rejected if this happens.
    A screenshot of the hour type form section for hour tracking on iServe. The following text is included: Yes, No, Select a Need, Hour Type.
    Hour Questions
    • What is the reason you completed Service Hours?
      • Select Service-Learning Course if you are currently enrolled in an SL-designated course.
      • Select For School Requirement if you are completing a course that requires a service initiative.
      Hour Questions, Q: What is the reason you completed service hours? Q: Are you submitting these houts to fulfil a requirement set forth by your college, degree, or group?
    • By clicking "Submit Hour Entry" you are agreeing that all details, dates, and descriptions are correct and true to the best of your knowledge.
    Hour details
    • Date Worked – Enter the specific date the volunteer need was completed.
    • Hours Worked – Input hours of service completed at volunteer events.
    • Miles Traveled – The miles traveled from your home (dorm, apartment, etc.) to the service destination.
    • Screenshot of the Hour Details page, with the following information, Date Worked, Hours Worked, Miles Traveled.
    • Enter a brief description of the service you completed during the service-learning need. Use this section to reflect on gained skills or experience through service and community engagement.
    • Description: I assisted Pantry Plus More in creating a social media plan for the month of Han. This includes increasing traffic on instagram posts.
    User Group information
    • What is a user group?

      A user group is a service-learning database for students and instructors to view available service opportunities and track hours for a specific course. This step is required and is crucial to the success of your performance in the course. Your hours will not count if you do not connect them to the correct user group.

  4. Completion

    • Select Submit Hour Entry at the bottom of the Hour Submission Form. After submitting this form, you will receive a confirmation message on iServe.
    • If you are unable to attend a service event, please contact the community partner or organization at least 48 hours before the event.