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Service-Learning Teaching Assistant

Working with a service-learning teaching assistant offers a mutually beneficial experience for you and your SLTA. It provides you with critical support for coordinating service-learning experiences while ensuring quality service and reflection, simultaneously providing the SLTA an opportunity to enhance their own personal leadership styles, grow in their understanding of civic engagement, and develop mentoring relationships with faculty members and community leaders.

What is a Service-Learning Teaching Assistant (SLTA)?

SLTAs are students who have already taken a service-learning course and been nominated by a faculty member who would like to work with them. SLTAs will enroll in SRVL 490: Teaching Practicum. The student you nominate will designate an average of 1-4 hours per week (dependent on credit) throughout the semester to assist your service-learning course. You may choose to have them attend some or all of your classes, meet with community partners, hold office hours for students needing to discuss service challenges, facilitate reflection activities with your students, measure service-learning impact, troubleshoot iServe or other service related tasks that help with your course.

What is the commitment?

You will be asked to meet with your SLTA early in the semester to complete a contract with them, outlining expectations and scheduling details. Additionally, you will be asked to submit an evaluation of their performance to the Center for Community Engagement (CCE) at the end of the semester. SLTAs will log their hours assisting your class as their own service hours in iServe. The quantity and quality of service provided to your class will make up 50% of their seminar grade.

How to get started:

If you are interested in having an SLTA in an S designated section, please contact the CCE at or (304) 293-8761.

Nomination Process:

  1. Interested faculty member proposes SLTA program to a student who has already taken a service-learning course with them.

  2. Faculty member contacts CCE to nominate student and discuss how they would use their SLTA.

  3. Student contacts CCE to discuss enrolling in SLTA seminar.

  4. Student enrolls in seminar for upcoming semester and works as an SLTA in nominating faculty member’s course.

  5. Service-Learning Teaching Assistant Program