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Modernizing Scholarship for the Public Good: An Action Framework for Public Research Universities : Visit Website Research Paper Association of Public & Land-Grant Institutions 2023 APLU's Modernizing Scholarship for the Public Good Action Framework (2023) offers guidance to public research universities on the ways that they can support scholars to advance public impact research and community engagement.
Vol. 34 No. 5 (2023): Developing and Sustaining Institutional Support for Community-Engaged Research : Visit Website Academic Journal Metropolitan Universities 
2023 This anthology of research articles from Metropolitan Universities was created to further the discussion on the roles of higher education institutions in supporting community-engaged research.
Anti-Racist Community Engagement: Reflecting on a Transformative Summer Series : Visit Website Blog Post Campus Compact 2023 A collection of articles detailing Campus Compact's summer series through thoughtful input on actively combatting racism and promoting equity through community engagement.
Evaluation of Current Research-Policy Engagement Activities and Why They Are Failing : Visit Website Research Paper Bristol University Press
2022 A Team of UK and U.S. scientists look at research-policy engagement activities in the aim to improve the use of evidence in policy and practice.
The Democracy Collaborative's Action Guide for Advancing Community Wealth Building in the U.S. : Visit Website Guide Democracy Collaborative 2023 This guide from Community Wealth Building is for those seeking to pursue and advance their locality, including economic development practitioners, community activists, and organizations.
Service-Learning Toolkit | MSU Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement : Visit Website Guide Michigan State CCEL 2015 Explore service-learning resources curated for faculty and instructors by MSU Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement.
Exploring the Possibilities of a Standardized Questionnaire for Assessing Residents' Needs  : Visit Website Research Paper Journal of Extension 2023 Creating a standardized needs assessment instrument and methodology that can be shared across the Extension system can lead to increased capacity to identify the needs of our clientele.
Inclusion and Trust in Community-Engaged Scholarship: A Case Study of a County Visioning Project : Visit Website Research Paper Journal of Extension
2023 Local governments have aimed to boost community participation in collaborative governance, including community visioning and strategic planning, to create inclusive policies. This article examines how trust plays a vital role in community building.
University and Community Schools | Netter Center for Community Partnerships Journal : Visit Website Journal Publication Netter Center for Community Partnerships 2023 Universities and Community Schools are designed to help spark a worldwide informal movement that aims to overcome major community and social problems by developing place-based and innovative partnerships between universities and community partners.
Reframing Community Engagement in Higher Education
: Visit Website
Book Publication Routledge Publications 2023 This book addresses assumptions and challenges inherent within community engagement as a catalyst for developing student's sense of civic responsibility at a time of social polarization. 
Surveying the Syllabus: What Syllabi Communicate about Service-Learning at Four-Year Institutions
IJRSLCE, Vol. 11, Issue 1 (2023)
Journal Publication  IARSLCE
2023 Seeking to advance knowledge and understanding of service-learning, this study analyzed how 270 syllabi from 193 four-year institutions that were recipients of the Carnegie Elective Classification for Community Engagement communicated framework and expectations in service-learning courses. 
Best Practices for Community Partner Compensations  Resource Toolkit CEACR 2022 This toolkit details best practices for those in higher education to support community-based organizations in building fiscal and administrative knowledge, skills, and infrastructure. 
Self-Reflection Rubric for Inclusive Teaching 
: Visit Website
2023 This rubric shared by IARSLCE overviews the pedagogy for inclusive teaching in service-learning courses.  It is intended to serve as a reflective formative function in one's self-assessment, not a summative one as part of any formal peer- or institutional review of an instructor's teaching. We hope it will help instructors reflect upon where their teaching is now, and where they might like it to be in the future.   
Defending Democracy; What We Can Learn about Civic Identity from Peer Educators Involved in Nonpartisan Political Engagement Journal Publication 
Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning 2024 The article centers a promising practice, peer-to-peer political engagement, and makes a case for institutionalized support for student-led nonpartisan education, and outreach.
The Lens of Civic Identity: A Developmental Model for Undergraduate Education Journal Publication 
Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning
This article provides a map as well as lessons learned to support other colleges’ work to live into the call from A Crucible Moment (2012) to make civic learning an integral part of a college education.
The Landscape of Rural Service Learning, and What it Teaches Us All Book Publication  MSU Press 2017 Learn how a team in Massachusetts developed a framework for civic learning through a lens of racial equity and provided professional development opportunities based on this framework. Civic learning for a multiracial democracy cannot be done in a manner that fails to embrace the cultural wealth and lived experiences of all students.