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Brent White

Energy Express Program Manager
Energy Express

He's the man who's been navigating the data universe for 15 years with the Energy Express program. Brent's the guy who can turn a tangled mess of numbers into a neat, organized spreadsheet faster than you can say "pie chart." Whether it's crunching numbers or herding cats—ahem, I mean, managing data collection—Brent's got it covered. 

But wait, there's more to Brent than just being the office data guru. He's also the proud father of three, each at a different stage of life's crazy rollercoaster. One's already taken the plunge into marriage, another gearing up for the wild ride of senior year, and the youngest just dipping their toes into the murky waters of teenager hood. Can you say, "brace yourself"? 

When Brent's not wrangling spreadsheets or wrangling teenagers, you might find him enjoying some well-deserved downtime with his family, or maybe sneaking in a few moments of peace and quiet (if such a thing exists). So, if you ever need someone to make sense of your data or share a laugh about the joys (and occasional chaos) of fatherhood, Brent's your guy. Just don't ask him to tell you any dad jokes—he's saving those for the family gatherings.