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Buck'Neers Meal Packing Event

Let's Go... Buck'Neers...!

On October 18th, over 300 students, community members, and WVU faculty & staff came together for 2 hours to pack over 130,000 meals to be distributed across West Virginia. 

Below are pictures of what this experience looked like:

Students packing dried foods into bags. A funnel is in the middle of the table.
An overhead picture of students standing around a table packing food into bags.
President Gee standing at the end of a table talking with students who are packing food into bags.
Graduate students Rylee and Logan smiling and scooping food from storage tubs.
A picture of a child scooping spices into a food bag.
An overhead picture of students wearing hairnets standing around tables getting ready to pack food.
A gong with a banner behind it with words that read "Feed the Funnel"
Students wearing green hairnets and packing food into bags.
A volunteer from First United pouring food into a funnel.
A closeup picture of a gloved hand pouring beans into a yellow funnel.
Dean of Extension, Jorge Atiles, President Gee, and volunteers from United Way & WVU Campus Food Garden pose for a picture.
A picture of students looking down the assembly line of food packaging equipment.