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Kristi Wood Turner, Ed.D

Assistant Dean of Engagement, Director
Center for Community Engagement

As the Assistant Dean in charge of Community Engagement at West Virginia University and the Director of the Center for Community Engagement, Dr. Wood-Turner is passionate about providing equal opportunities for all students to engage and learn by offering solutions that impact communities. She cherishes every opportunity to promote diversity, belonging and justice, reciprocal partnerships that inspire community growth.

With 21 years of experience in the field, Kristi has made tremendous contributions to building community engagement structures, creating community connections, focusing on volunteerism, and supporting social advocacy for the students at West Virginia University. She brings with her passion and energy for education, service, equality and community. Her strengths center on her excellent analytical skills, mastery of context, and desire to work in harmony as we move forward together.

Dr. Wood-Turner holds a Doctor of Education, Educational Leadership Studies, a Master of Arts, Applied Social Research, and a Bachelor of Arts, Sociology and Anthropology. Her active participation and membership in various boards and associations exemplify her commitment to service, which inspires many. She believes social media is an avenue to build relationships and communication necessary to meet targeted goals.  Classroom teaching gives her purpose and you can often catch her leading discussion on ethics, family dynamics, and intro to sociology.