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Denis Scott, Ph.D.

Professor - Extension Specialist, Assistant Director for Academic Engagement
304-293-8665 7th Floor, Knapp Hall

Denis Scott is a West Virginia University Extension Professor and the Community Engagement and Global Awareness Specialist. He is also Assistant Director of Academic Engagement with the WVU Center for Community Engagement. Denis holds a PhD in Human and Community Development, a master’s degree in Public Administration, and bachelor’s degrees in both Political Science and Sociology.

Dr. Scott was certified as a Professional Community and Economic Developer and is also an Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Qualified Administrator. He has designed and delivered cultural competency trainings for schools, nonprofits, health care providers, municipalities, and state agencies. His applied workforce trainings help people learn about and understand differences among communities while respecting the importance of working with others who might be unlike themselves. Dr. Scott has led various international programs as well as inter-cultural exchanges and experiential learning programs to help participants understand themselves in local, national, and global contexts.