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A man with glasses and a flannel shirt smiles for his headshot.

Paul Monday

Chemical Engineering

“I think there is no better feeling than always finding and giving back to your roots.”

What inspires you to volunteer? 

Growing up, I was raised a ‘community boy’. Those experiences made me understand ‘family’ better. I think there is no better feeling than always finding and giving back to your roots.

What volunteering experience are you the most proud of and why? 

Tutoring and orphanage engagements.

Can you share a memorable moment or story from your volunteer experiences? 

Most recently, a more memorable experience was being part of/and organizing a visit to one of the nursing homes here in Morgantown. It was like all of life was captured in one room. It was fun and fulfilling. 

In your opinion, why is community engagement important, especially for college students? 

Well, first, the college work and rush never ends. As a grad student, it becomes even worse. Sometimes we just need something else to remind us why and what we are living for. Happiness and purpose is sometimes found  in the most unlikely of places. Also, you get to meet new people, learn new things and make new friends. Career-wise, these experiences makes your resume’ look good.

Have you developed any new skills or learned something unexpected during your volunteer experiences? 

Oh yes, recently that’s Gardening (progressive learning though). Lol!

How do you think your volunteer experiences will shape your future? 

Personally, these experiences have helped me learn how to communicate better and sustain relationships. Professionally, I think these experiences will make an integral part of my resume.