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Carnegie Report Summary 2020

Carnegie Foundation. Elective Community Engagement Classification.

The Carnegie Foundation's classification for community engagement

The Carnegie Foundation's classification for community engagement is an elective classification based on voluntary participation by institutions.

This classification involves data collection and documentation of important aspects of institutional mission, identity and commitments, and requires substantial effort invested by participating institutions.

WVU was one of 75 institutions to have proudly received this highest recognition for community engagement in 2020.

Read the WVU Today report by clicking here.

Institutional Motivations

As identified by the Carnegie Foundation

Institutional Self-Assessment

A way to bring the disparate parts of the campus together in a way that advances a cohesive and strategic agenda.


National recognition of a community engaged institution that is moving forward with our  Land Grant mission. 


A way to demonstrate that the institution is fulfilling its vision and mission partnering and collaborating with our community partners for common good.

Catalyst for Change

A tool for fostering institutional alignment for community-based teaching, learning, and scholarship.

Institutional Identity

Allows WVU to be recognized by faculty, students, staff, and stakeholders as being committed to the shared goals of the community.